9 (+1) Ways IT Automation Will Make Your Organization More Successful

Sysadmins can leverage automation to deliver:
  • Higher availability and reliability of IT services for greater utilization & efficiency
  • Fewer outages, and faster recovery from them, for better service to both internal and external customers
  • Quick remediation in response to security alerts such as Heartbleed or Shellshock
  • Automated enforcement of company policies, industry best practices & regulatory compliance
  • Rich reporting for company management, internal and external auditors
  • Responsive, efficient scaling
  • Full utilization and benefits of IT technologies such as virtualization and cloud
  • More frequent releases of higher-quality code to improve customer experience
  • Deep business intelligence to aid decision making and inform business strategy

With the right automation in place, your IT team can become a resource for innovation. You’ll be equipped to navigate the fast-changing technology landscape, and have the resources you need to drive a winning strategy for the 21st century.
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