A Glance into Sales Operations as a Service

Not a single day looks like the other when you deal with Sales Operations. From territories and channels, to incentive compensation, quota setting, data analytics and communications – the burden of Sales Operations on sales organizations has never been heavier. And how could it not, when sales forces are globally expanding to support business growth? Almost 7 in 10 companies plan to increase the size of their sales force in 2015,1 so every sales ops department should brace itself to face even more work in the coming years.

The traditional approach to solve sales operations’ burden has been Sales Performance Management software. However, software is just a starting point and an enabler. Only half of sales technology buyers achieve expected ROI, according to Sirius Decisions. Lasting gains are realized when software is combined with business process management.

This whitepaper provides data on Sales Operations as a Service, a more than software alternative, embraced by more and more organizations with large sales forces, in search of better business outcomes. 

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