Beginners Guide to Data Integration

Do you spend too much precious time scouring through different business systems for one specific piece of information? Or perhaps you’re wasting time and money manually exporting and importing data from one system to another.

Whether you’re looking to integrate financial data about a client into your CRM, integrate your marketing team’s lead list into your support system, or even sync your product data into your CRM for your sales team, you may be forced to go through multiple databases to find the right data. This can be frustrating as well as time consuming, and in the fast paced corporate world, time is money. 

Now, thanks to advancements in software technology, you can integrate everything you need into one easy- to-use system. The whole purpose of data integration is to streamline data availability and the data retrieval process, so that your team can be more efficient.

If this sounds like something you and your company could benefit from, keep reading. We’ve put together the quintessential beginner’s guide to data integration so you can better understand the process. This guide should also show you exactly why you would benefit from a data integration service like Bedrock Data.



What Exactly is Data Integration?

How Data Integration Works: The Almighty API

Deciding How to Integrate Your Data

Field Mappings

Starting Your Integration

Integration Risks and Considerations

Ongoing Maintenance and Improvements


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