How a Contact Center Modernization Strategy Can Bridge the Troubled Waters of Legacy Infrastructure

There’s a big decision ahead: future-proof your customer experience strategy or stay with the legacy contact center technologies you’re used to. There’s risk in either direction and the decision-making process can seem overwhelming, yet the rewards of modernizing a contact center has epic rewards: digital transformation, amazing customer experiences and business outcomes that never seemed possible until now.

Hear from special guest speaker Melanie Turek, VP of Research, Frost & Sullivan as she and Gina Clarkin from Genesys discuss critical success factors in the decision process for contact center technology decisions.

Join us to gain critical insights on how to:
  • Assess the risks and benefits related to your customer experience needs
  • Create a blueprint for success based on your unique business requirements and goals
  • Get started now with free tools for assessment and strategic planning for the future of your customer experience
This is a global webinar presented live in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Choose a session that works for you!

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