ISVs: Top 5 Ways Embedded Connectivity Accelerates Your Business

For many ISVs, the lure of “free” proprietary drivers is strong. Others use open source code in their quest for costs savings, relying heavily on in-house development expertise.

The problem? Neither of these approaches is free or easy. Sure, in an uncomplicated environment, either solution would serve ISVs and their customers. Unfortunately, today’s environment is becoming more complex by the minute and these approaches offer little flexibility. In addition, the cost of operation, support and maintenance with these approaches can be prohibitively high. Even more importantly, with a changing business landscape, these approaches don’t offer near enough flexibility, cost efficiency and operational ease to put a business in the best position to grow revenues and win the leadership position they want. ISVs need a solution that simplifies the data landscape in one broad stroke and puts them in a position to move the business forward today – not next year or the year after.

This paper demonstrates how Progress DataDirect Connect helps you accelerate your business by paving the way for operational excellence, customer satisfaction, revenue growth, profitability and market leadership.

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