New Whitepaper: Enterprise Mobility, Five Myths + A Better Approach

Today’s enterprises know that, to stay competitive, they need to take their operations mobile. But, with the typical enterprise operating between 500 and 5000 applications—many of them complex and based on legacy technology—going mobile is anything but simple.

Historically the options for enterprises looking to go mobile have been few and limited. Custom-coding of each app takes years—and millions. On the low end, force-fitting enterprise into mobile devices using web browsers or VDI results in user frustration and lost productivity.

Now there’s a better approach – Enterprise Application Transformation. Only from PowWow Mobile.

Download this whitepaper to explore the myths holding your enterprise back from going mobile, and learn how PowWow’s powerful Transformation Engine can turn a complex business app into a fully native mobile app that:

  • Runs on any mobile device
  • Can be created and deployed in days, not years
  • Keeps all your mobile data completely safe
  • Preserves all your application logic and back-end investments

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