Understanding Meltdown & Spectre – What To Know About New Exploits That Affect Virtually All CPUs

The immediate concern is an exploit being called Meltdown, which primarily affects Intel’s CPUs, but also has been confirmed to affect some ARM CPU designs as well. With Meltdown it is possible for malicious code to abuse Intel and ARM’s speculative execution implementations to get the processor to leak information from other processes. Meanwhile a second class of attacks is being called Spectre, and the number of processors at risk for exploitation is even wider.

This guide covers:

  • A high level overview of where things stand
  • A deep dive into technical aspects
  • What these exploits mean for you
  • Things we know vs things that are unclear
  • What users can do right now 

Essentially every high-performance processor ever made –Intel, AMD, ARM, and POWER – is thought to be vulnerable here. Don’t wait to learn more. 

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